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Keep It Straight Golf Swing Trainer    
For Both Men and Women!

Keep It Straight Golf Elbow Brace

Golf Elbow Brace for $29.95
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What Does it Do?

Golf Elbow Brace and Swing Trainer
  • KEEP IT STRAIGHT keeps your lead arm fully extended, increasing the width of your swing arc, and adds upper body turn for more swing power
  • KEEP IT STRAIGHT promotes consistency, and longer, straighter hits, whether using woods, irons, or a driver
  • KEEP IT STRAIGHT causes the club to work together with the arms and shoulders in a one-piece pendulum motion, producing solid, consistent full swings, pitching, chipping and putting

Keep It Straight works for all golfers from novice to expert. Keep It Straight can be used on either the right or left arm and comes with easily adjustable straps. Keep It Straight works for both Men and Women! One size fits all!

Testimonial Board

"As many of us golfers. I had a tendency to bend my elbow during the swing. Fortunately, as the owner/operator of a golf equipment web site, I was contacted by the inventor of the Keep It Straight elbow brace. I immediately requested a sample and put it to good use as soon as I received it."

"I could not believe the improvemnet in my swing while wearing the elbow brace. I was hitting truer, longer and best of all, I was playing better than my golfing partners! I recommend the Keep It Straight elbow brace to all golfers who wish to improve their swing."

Trevor Lee

"I received the brace couple of weeks ago and just wanted to thank you for the excellent service!!!
The brace performs as expected and helps me a great deal with my golf game, recommended it already to my pro and will recommend it to other starting golfers that have the same arm banding issue."


"Been golfing for 11 years and am a bit of fanatic, playing several times a week. Despite talking lessons, practicing frequently and thinking hard about my game, I have been stuck on a handicap that vacillates between 8 and 9 for 5 years now- but have always believed I can play to a lower handicap if I could just cut out some silly mistakes."

"Last week, I bought a Keep-it-Straight arm brace from you - and the difference in my driving and iron play is really quite remarkable. I have instantly gained around 50 yards per drive with increased consistency and control over direction. I wouldn't have believed it myself had not been doing it every time! My irons are similarly responsive and the increased confidence it gives me has seen my scores tumble by several shots in just a few days."

"Clearly, your product has eradicated a swing fault that I was incapable of sorting. If I was even aware it was there. I will be interesting to see if I can eradicate the fault and learn to play well without the brace in place."

David Scotland