Great for Improving Mechanics!

Keep It Straight® is for both MEN and WOMEN

Keep It Straight® is a golf elbow brace aid developed to keep the leading arm straight. This allows for a larger arc, resulting in LONGER and STRAIGHTER shots. Keep It Straight� works for any club in any situation. Drivers, Irons, Wedges - whether pitching or chipping - as well as putting.

This is what The Keep It Straight Elbow Brace looks like:

Keep It Straight Golf Elbow Brace

Keep It Straight� summarized:

  • Works Immediately
  • Fits all. Men, Women, Young Golfers too!
  • Increases Swing Arc for more Accuracy, Power, and Distance
  • Corrects the lead arm break, the most common swing problem
  • Keeps lead arm fully extended throughout the swing
  • Creates an inside path for trailing arm for more a more consistant result




How It Came to Be

The Keep It Straight® elbow brace was born out of desperation to cure the chronic bending of the elbow during my golf swing."

"I searched for an existing remedy both in stores and online, but could not find what I needed anywhere. I wanted something that had a firm brace, yet looked good, and would not stand out on the golf course. After awhile, I figured I would create what I needed and Keep It Straight® was born. After using the brace for awhile, my lead arm automatically extends without the brace. (muscle memory) I was amazed at how quickly I saw improvement. Since it worked so well for me, I figured I would try to help other people with the same issue out in the general public. We have sold this device to individuals, golf instructors, and schools as far away as Holland and Sweden. Keep It Straight® has gone worldwide!"

Paul - Creator of Keep It Straight®

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